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Affordable web based training packages.

Web based training packages combined with classroom training can provide your organization with a cost effective solution for meeting your training needs. Training Department.com has offered web based training packages since 1999 and has proven to be a reliable and affordable web based training solution.

Premium Online Training Packages
Just $10/Month Per User!

Affordable, Online Training Programs

Developing online employee training courses?

We provide affordable, web based training packages to give your organization your own learning management system. Complete libraries of courses, course authoring and more -- everything that the leading global organizations have in their Corporate Online Universities, except the cost.

FREE Management Training, Personal Development Courses

Registered users have access instantly to complete libraries of web based training packages that are available for FREE. You'll have available:

...and much more!

Safe guard your company by assigning your employees some of these valuable courses & tracking their results.

Develop Online Employee Training Courses of Your Own

Users Can Easily Author Courses, Manage Groups and Departments, Assign Libraries and more... ALL FREE!

  • Build your own online management training courses, new employee orientation courses, product training courses, and safety training with our FREE course authoring. Your users can get as many courses, tests, games, video clips, response tools and learning elements as they need.
  • Easily Manage and Distribute your courses to departments and groups within your organization. Create unique department and group names to fit your organization's needs. Distribute courses to these departments and groups in seconds.
  • Track activity on your learning system including your student's login times, test scores and course history. View downloadable reports of student activity by course for further analysis.

Build Your Own Document Resource Library

Make your Distance Learning Management System a one-stop resource for your students by uploading your organization's latest forms, spreadsheets, documents and instructions into an online document resource library. Registered users can easily access and download documents from your library for use on their local computer allowing them to always have the latest version available ...ALL FREE!

Launch Your Own Learning Management System in Minutes

Until now, only large organizations and full-time educators had the budget and staff necessary to build, staff and maintain a 24-hour server-based, distance learning management system. Today, you can launch your own training packages in minutes, with no special programming skills, hardware, or software required. This affordable, secure, distance learning management system offers all the built-in tools you need to build, manage and distribute your management, employee, sales and customer training 24-hours a day, anywhere they may require it.

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